About PackTowl


Over the last few decades, our microfiber expertise has enabled us to evolve the simple idea of a towel into a go-anywhere companion that's ready for spontaneous dips in alpine lakes, a hike in the woods, or a long international trek.

We're proud of our legacy as the original outdoor, packable towel brand

Premium designs for everyday adventure. It could be breakthroughs at the climbing gym or yoga studio, spontaneous dips in cold mountain water, or even bringing friends together for a picnic at the lake. When each day is taken as an opportunity to discover your potential, the result is adventure. The PackTowl lineup upholds the lineage of quick-drying, super absorbent, and incredibly packable microfiber towels that are perfect for on-demand exploration. With four high-utility models, fresh colorways, and head-turning prints, this year’s lineup of technical towels is ready to keep you dry and help elevate everyday adventures to new heights.